5 Traits of a Solid Video Production Pro

Video production folks are an interesting breed, but what makes the best of the best? 

People in the production industry are, well, people! They have their own personalities, processes and quirks. However, there are some general characteristics that can really help a production professional stand out and achieve more. 

Whether you’re a videographer hoping to grow in this field or a company wanting to know traits of an ideal partner for your next video project, we’re here to lay out five essential traits that make for a solid production pro.


Screenshot from a Shoot To-Do list from TrelloIf you heard our latest episode of the Know Content podcast, we discussed effective pre-production processes and noted that creatives aren’t known for being the most organized people out there… 

But what’s interesting about video production peeps is that they constantly walk the line between organization and improvisation (we’ll discuss the latter in a bit). 

There’s a lot that goes into just one video shoot, and missing any of the important details can unravel even the greatest concepts. These project details can be anything from creating a thorough shot list, ensuring batteries are charged, or setting up the perfect lighting for a shot. Any one of these factors (and many more) can drastically affect the quality of a shoot or final video. 

If you struggle in this area, you’re not alone (hi, welcome to the club). Be sure to utilize some project management tools and production/equipment checklists to make sure you’re not missing any of the pertinent details and to streamline your production process.


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It happens to every video production team. 

Despite your successful location scouting and detailed shot list, you arrive on set to find it raining/loud/crowded, etc. Any number of elements can alter a shoot entirely, and if there’s a tight deadline you may not be able to reschedule.

It can be easy to let this negatively affect your attitude or halt production while you scramble; however, the best video pros know it’s best to just go with the flow. Expecting the unexpected is part of the job. 

Once you learn how to navigate unanticipated scenarios with quick problem-solving, you’ll be invaluable on set. You may even create some of your best work along the way!


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This may seem obvious, but we feel it’s important to note. 

No one wants to work with someone who constantly shows up late, but this characteristic extends beyond just personal time management. 

Video projects are time consuming, and every minute counts. With everything that goes into pre-production, shoot days and post-production, it’s important to ensure you manage that time effectively to meet deadlines and stay on budget. This is especially true when you’re juggling multiple projects at once. 

Make sure you’re keeping track of your time to keep things rolling! We use Harvest, which integrates with a range of project management software. 


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Not everyone can be a great video production professional.

Sure, anyone can learn the right software and purchase high-quality equipment, but a solid production pro has a creative eye that can’t always be taught. Out-of-the-box storytelling and unique composition can take any video to the next level. 

If you’re in video production, don’t take a cookie-cutter content approach with your clients. Express your value and stand out from the rest with a creative mindset and unique deliverables.


A photo of BSM teammate Katelynn smiling at camera while shooting on anSony FS700 camera.

Our amazing DP/Camera Operator/Photographer, Katelynn, in action!

This may be last on the list, but it’s truly the most important. If you don’t love what you do, you can’t do it well. 

Passion is especially necessary in creative industries, and it truly yields the best, most fulfilling work. 

The BSM team attends the STORY conference in Nashville each year, and something we learned there is the true meaning of “passion.” Based on its latin root passio, the word means “to suffer for.” This means you can find and fuel your passion by evaluating what you’re willing to suffer for and recognizing your suffering when NOT doing something. 

Our president Jonathan discovered his passion for aerial videography and founded an entire production company around it! Since then, he has continued to build a team with the same drive to create amazing content (like this incredibly well-written blog post).

The power of passion is truly unmatched and is the foundation of success in any industry.



Big Slate Media Team