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Reflecting on 2019, A Message from Jonathan

I’ve been struggling with how to start this post because I want to be careful about how it comes across. We’ve had an amazing year, and I love sharing the success of this company, the team and our clients with anyone that will read it. But, more than anything, I want this update to be

5 Traits of a Solid Video Production Pro

Video production folks are an interesting breed, but what makes the best of the best?  People in the production industry are, well, people! They have their own personalities, processes and quirks. However, there are some general characteristics that can really help a production professional stand out and achieve more.  Whether you’re a videographer hoping to

Best Video Production Company – Knoxville Big Wigs

We feel like the biggest wigs of all after the 2019 Knoxville American Advertising Federation Big Wig Awards. Our team was incredibly honored to take home THREE Big Wig Awards this year, including Knoxville's Best Video/Film Production Company. Additionally, our own Jess Gutman was awarded Best Social Media Specialist, and our newest team member Katelynn


One of the latest and greatest methods for engaging your audience is Instagram stories.  More than 500 million people are daily active Instagram story viewers. It's a great way for businesses to increase brand awareness, get on the top of people's feeds, and drive engagement with their followers. Stories allow you to connect with people


Visually engaging content is the best way to attract audiences’ attention and drive brand awareness - in today’s world, that means video.  Compelling video can be used in a variety of ways across your social media channels, and it’s important to ensure the viewer’s experience is fully optimized. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation - each


Some of the work we enjoy most is helping our partners out with their incredible events! From elegant award galas, to multi-day, action-packed music festivals, to educational conferences and seminars - we love diving into event social media marketing and video production.  There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing strategy, but we

The Importance of B-Roll: Painting the Whole Picture

We have a rule here at Big Slate when it comes to any video project – commercial, company overview, event coverage, you name it – OVER SHOOT. This becomes especially true with pick-up shots or B-roll. We talk about and utilize B-roll a lot. So, we wanted to share our thoughts on the importance of

4 Types of Content We Love Shooting in Studio

In case you haven’t heard – which would be incredible considering we’ve been BRAGGING for months – we built a studio near downtown Knoxville! Besides having a new, controlled space for our hilarious internal video ideas, we’re super excited to have a location to create even more engaging, meaningful content for our clients. *Please note