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digital + production management intern

Looking for an internship in a stuffy, 9-to-5 setting, pushing pencils and picking up the cake for Janet’s baby shower?

This isn’t the internship for you.

join the crew

This is a 12-week internship program for aspiring professionals interested in all aspects of content creation, social media management and video production/photography. You’ll work a minimum of 20 hrs per week in our downtown studio or on set with us, performing the following tasks:

  • Pre Production: Work closely with Producers and Directors to assist in various tasks during the pre production process (i.e location scouts, compiling call sheets, securing craft service, talent acquisition, shot list/storyboard creation, pre gear, etc);
  • Production: Serve as a Production Assistant (PA) on shoots with the opportunity to advance into assisting lighting, audio and camera departments;
  • Post Production: Work with Post Producers and the Post Production team to assist in data management of various kinds and media organization;
  • Digital: Collaborate with the digital team to assist in social media management, graphic design and copywriting;
  • Administrative/organizational tasks;

We don’t wanna BS you, we’ve got some dirty work that needs to get done too – building spreadsheets, petting Stamper (the best boy), and washing Michael’s car (not really), but you’ll have the chance to gain real, working knowledge of the content creation industry by supporting all aspects related to what our content creation agency does on a daily basis and in a variety of ways.

The work schedule is flexible based on your availability and our needs however we do have a strict 20 hour minimum of availability required during a typical work week (8am-5pm; mon-fri) That being said, most weeks, we can find tasks for you to work up to 30hrs/week if you’re available. We will want a “regular” schedule so we can count on you for certain days.

What’s in it for you:

  • Paid internship;
  • Opportunity for class credit, if applicable;
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience in digital, pre production, production and post production
  • departments;
  • Access to a Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve training programs;
  • Occasional travel for client shoots or events;
  • Opportunity to earn commission on sales generated;
  • Opportunity to connect with clients and learn essential business operations;
  • Relaxed, casual work environment;
  • We’ll buy your lunch every now and then;
  • Stamper, the office dog and the goodest boy around (or the “Best Boy” in the production world);

Who’s the right fit?

  • Someone who is generally optimistic and positive;
  • Someone passionate about the content creation industry;
  • Someone humble and teachable;
  • Works well on deadlines and with excellent attention to detail;
  • A critical thinker that will do what they think is best, not just what they are told;
  • Self-taught learner willing to read and keep up-to-date on technological changes and how they could be used by Big Slate Media;
  • Someone willing to be in goofy videos and occasional cameos;
  • Someone with a creative mind willing to think outside the box;

Technical Requirements

  • Working knowledge of Mac OS;
  • Previous experience in Canva, FCPX, Adobe CC, preferred, but not required;
  • An exceptional copywriter with experience managing professional email conversations;
  • Proficient in G-Suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets);

How to Apply?
Send an email to with YOUR NAME and “Digital + Production Management Intern” somewhere in the subject line. In that email, please include a resume, cover letter and your best joke! Then, be on the lookout for an email from us to follow!