Brimstone Paragon

Brimstone Paragon's logo

When Brimstone decided that they wanted to begin hosting a fall concert / competitive event festival known as Brimstone Paragon, it was all hands on deck for the Big Slate Media team. 

We devised a national marketing campaign for Brimstone Paragon, including commercials that aired on The Outdoor Channel and the Travel Channel. Once the ball started rolling and the event began, we consistently created social media content and shared it live-time. That’s right, folks – we were shooting, editing and posting to their social media outlets 12-16 hours a day, two days straight. And believe us when we say that Brimstone Paragon was making waves. On top of all of this, we were asked to lead the charge for the live-streaming of the Hank Williams, Jr. concert on the jumbo screens!

We’ve had a total blast with Brimstone! Nothing beats a festival with good music, BBQ and ATVs, right? Throw in some slow-motion action cameras and a drone to catch the whole thing from above and you’ve got yourself an event worth sharing with the world.

 It’s been a pleasure to work with Brimstone Paragon over the years, and we always look forward to coming back to this new family tradition!