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It’s time for our first case study! One of our clients approached us with a request: get him into the social media game. As a Knoxville real estate agent, he knew there was value in doing so, but wasn’t sure where to start. We jumped at the opportunity to get the ball rolling for our client.


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The housing market is always busy. Social media is an excellent way to reach out and find leads.

Sound the Horn of Friendship!

With Facebook, having a page for your business is key. Almost 75{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3} of all online adults in America use Facebook. That’s HUGE! We built a page, invited our client’s friends to like the page, and….BOOM. Within one day, we had over one hundred people following the page. 5-star reviews started rolling in from previous clients (and still are). These people knew our agent, they liked him, and they had something nice to say. All we had to do was provide the place to say it! When a person sees a post and likes it or finds a page and follows it, their friends see that activity as well. Those are free impressions right there, and we like that.

“Big Slate Media has done an awesome job with my social media content – on the first day, I received seven phone calls from prospective clients and got a lot of traffic on my pages.” -Stephen Goodson

Twitter’s another great way to get your name out there. We tweeted about a couple of job listings, used some local hashtags and shouted to the world, “We’ve got some great homes up for grabs – call this guy today!” Within hours, we had a couple of followers.

Social Media is a Key Component of Advertising

Sure, you can buy ads and print flyers, but do people know who you are? It’s all about building your brand identity. Our agent has his business, and it’s our job to make sure he’s got a strong digital footprint in the Knoxville area. We want people to recognize that name so that when the times comes to buy or sell their home, they’ll think of this guy. The key is consistency – with regular posts that are engaging to the reader, we maintain relevancy.

Finishing Thoughts…

Depending on your business, certain social media platforms will work better than others. There are so many, and the playing field is constantly changing! You’ve got Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+….the list goes on and on and on. If you’re thinking about branching into the social media game or would like a consultation, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call at (865) 291-0005 – let’s socialize!