Kärcher Professional USA

Kärcher is a national pressure washer manufacturing company. They’ve built a strong, recognizable brand with products found in major home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.


A world leader in the production of hot and cold water pressure washers, Kärcher North America’s extensive line includes over 100 different industrial and commercial pressure washers. Our commercial and industrial grade, floor-cleaning equipment features innovative cleaning solutions. Kärcher North America’s wash-water treatment and dry ice cleaning systems provide unique cleaning alternatives in a variety of applications. – Kärcher’s Website

For this project, they needed something affordable. Kärcher does a few big photo shoots every year, producing content for their social media campaigns and packaging shots. They didn’t want to have to pay for a full production crew, so they came to us!


We covered multiple products during our photo shoot, including their Push Sweeper.

We worked in tandem with a firm out of Nashville that commissioned us to handle the photography and drone videos for their recent advertising campaign.  Coordinating with another commercial photographer, we scouted and booked the location, managed product assembly, and staging. It was a full-day shoot, and we took pictures for their catalogs, packaging and social media. We also threw in some drone video and photography, because, you know, everything looks cooler from a drone!

The project was short and sweet, and we were happy to get out in the field for a photography gig. So, do you have an event or product you’d like to promote? We’d be more than happy to set you up for success – give us a call at (865) 206-7296 and let’s get the ball rolling!