LithiumPros reached out to us to create a video series for their incredible products. They knew the value of video in marketing and decided to jump in. Kevin wanted to create an informative series that explained the pros and cons of lithium technology in order to help customers make an informed purchasing decision. Our favorite part of this project was getting to work with a legendary Bass Master, Ott DeFoe. He has been a spokesman for LithiumPros for years, and it was a ton of fun to have him on the set.

We didn’t just help them out with their video marketing endeavors, either. We completely redesigned and fully developed an e-commerce website with the help of our partner, 2:45Tech. The new and improved LithiumPros site is easy to navigate, it provides information in a user-friendly format and best of all, the team is instantly notified when a purchase has been made.

Since then, business at LithiumPros has been steadily growing and their website’s user-friendly experience has been greatly improved for both customers and employees alike.