Maynardville & Norris Lake Region

Photo of dock extending forward into a lake

Maynardville and the Norris Lake region in East Tennessee has a lot to offer – scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, lake access, etc. – and local organizations are actively seeking ways to attract visitors to the area. 

The Union County Chamber of Commerce asked us to create a series of social media video ads to support their rebranding campaign: “What makes Maynardville & Norris Lake a special place? It must be something in the water.” These ads would promote the region in outside markets and feature some of the qualities that make it an excellent tourist destination for anyone.

We were psyched to work with Union County Chamber on this campaign! As a small organization, they truly market in a big way. Not only are they focused on reaching younger audiences, they are on the forefront of YouTube marketing within their region and industry. PLUS, their president, Tom, brought his dog to our office, and who wouldn’t be excited about that?!

Maynardville and Norris Lake Region Logo

Their new logo features three key details: a water element for Norris Lake, a guitar for the city’s impressive musical history and grapes for the local, award-winning winery. We wanted to tie all of these aspects together to create a 30-second ad for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, as well as an Instagram Story ad.


In addition to the general ad, we created three separate YouTube bumper ads featuring the three key elements: water, wine and music. These are six-second, non-skippable videos that play before, during or after another video. Bumper ads are ideal for driving brand reach and complementing larger campaigns (like the :30 ad also running on YouTube). Here’ some info about all the ad types on YouTube. 

Bumper Ads

All of these ads incorporate the new branding elements and messaging the chamber will use in their other marketing efforts, including print advertising. Our videos fit seamlessly into their campaign strategy and helped support a unified brand image and message across multiple platforms.

Our buds at the Union County Chamber know that video is a necessary addition to any strong marketing campaign, and we were happy to help them with that!