Photo of a compass

MedMaps hospital wayfinding

The goal of MedMaps is to provide an interactive map CMS (content management system) for hospital and university campuses. We were tasked with the unique challenge of helping MedMaps meet the needs of today’s information-technology-oriented world. We began by creating an internet marketing campaign targeting executive-level personnel who would have the authority to solicit MedMaps’ services for an updated, modernized approach to wayfinding their campus.

We started from the ground up: we optimized their web content, created social media accounts and developed a strong keyword strategy that would help increase visitor traffic. We also recommended they use PulseTracker as a way to identify visitors and convert them to leads.

The end result: MedMaps now has a user-friendly site and an incredibly helpful service that severely cuts down on the normal stresses of hospital/campus wayfinding.