Southern Expo

We’ve got another case study! Not too long ago, we sent out an email blast detailing our services (SEO, social media management, content creation, etc.). A gentleman by the name of Landon Linton reached out to us through our website’s contact form. Landon runs the Southern Expo, an event promotion company for carnival-style fairs in the southeastern United States.


The Challenge

Landon informed us that his next fair would be coming up in Charlotte, North Carolina and wanted us to manage their social media. He recognized the fact that he was sinking too much time into it himself, and that other parts of the business were suffering because of it. So we took the reins, freeing up a lot of time for Landon to focus on the big picture.


The Solution

We put together a media calendar and planned out the social media content that would be posted before and during the Charlotte Fair. With our bags packed, we drove out to Charlotte, NC and shot some excellent photographs and video footage with our drone. Our trusty little GoPro got to go one quite a few rides, too. In just a few hours, we had enough content to fuel the rest of the campaign.



The Results

For the Charlotte Fair, our social media endeavors came to fruition – the results were almost double what they were the prior year. In just a few short days, their Facebook page gained an additional 2,200 likes. Our reach was strong (a little bit of money goes a long way when advertising on Facebook) and what few videos we posted were a huge success.

Southern Expo - Social Media Results

Future contracts with the Southern Expo were contingent upon our success with the Charlotte Fair. After reviewing ticket sales, we were awarded the social media management of the remaining fairs leading into the summer!

Right off the bat, our social media presence nearly doubled for one of our already established events – I can’t wait to see how much online progress Big Slate can make with one of our 1st annual Fairs. Absolutely ecstatic to keep working with the team.  Landon Linton, Southern ExpoSouthern Expo Logo


We’re currently preparing for the next event, the Carrollton Fair in Georgia. We’re only three days in, and the Facebook page has almost 1,000 likes so far! After that, we’ll be preparing for fairs in Rocket City, AL and Bristol, TN! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Landon and the Southern Expo, and we look forward to rocking the social media campaigns for the upcoming fairs.