Sword & Shield Enterprise Security

Sword and Shield is a long standing cybersecurity and compliance company based in Knoxville, Tennesse. This nationally recognized firm has an incredible reputation for dynamic client relations and impeccable service.

The folks from Sword and Shield had been doing a lot to update their branding and digital marketing strategy. A huge missing piece for them was a video introduction to their company that could live on their website and share with potential partners. They approached us, looking for a video partner that would help them take a typically “boring” subject (i.e cybersecurity) and turn it into something people would engage with. An added challenge was taking this highly technical subject and breaking it down to the barebones to appeal to the potentially non-technically inclined decision maker.

We spent a day on site interviewing their executive leadership and filming in their SOC (secure operations center) capturing b-roll and various employee activities. A big piece of this project was bringing it to life with engaging animation that created a seamless flow and held viewer’s attention. We utilized After Effects to create the feeling of a vault opening and closing as information was dispersed. Sword and Shield, of course, being the keepers of that vault.

Check out the project link below:

Sword and Shield – Company Profile from BigSlate Media on Vimeo.