2017 White Knuckle Event

White Knuckle Event of 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, we just wrapped up our coverage of Brimstone’s legendary White Knuckle Event of 2017… and DANG, was it awesome! With over 300+ miles of trails on over 20,000 acres with cabin rentals, campgrounds and SXS/ATV rentals – this place is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts. This is an event that we’ve been covering since 2005 (along with Brimstone’s Paragon in the fall), and it’s been a fantastic experience to actively participate in their continued growth and popularity.

Our primary objective was to capture as much content as possible for The White Knuckle Event’s social media campaign, as well as material for future events and an awesome recap video.

White Knuckle Event 2017 Recap Video (v1) from BigSlate Media on Vimeo.

We had the privilege to capture some promotional footage, working closely with the wonderful people of Yamaha Motor USA. We also teamed up with the Q-Crew of Q100.3 to cover the Q100 Concert, featuring Lee Brice (who gave us some sweet GoPro footage mid-concert)!

A lot of the video footage and photographs we had taken were used to advertise the event beforehand and were also played on the stage-side Jumbotrons during the event.

White Knuckle Event of 2017

The White Knuckle Event of 2017. Great music, awesome trails, and incredibly fun people. We were there to capture it all.

White Knuckle Event of 2017 – The Stats

Compared to last year’s White Knuckle Event, the results turned out fantastic across the board. With both an increase in content (pictures, videos, live stream videos) and a higher rate of posting, we managed to keep the audience engaging the page and sharing with their friends. Check it out – these are some great stats!

  • Total Actions: Up 136{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3}
  • Totale Page Views: Up 300{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3}
  • Post Engagements: Up almost 400{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3}
  • Video Views: Up over 125{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3}
  • Page Follows: Up over 50{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3}
  • Page Likes: Up over 50{2869b4d23c008b413905409cba06ef793120d76f1e6c5c92f0f4cb5a7ec0d5a3}

With the popularity of this event, we didn’t see the need to spend a single cent on their advertising campaign. All of the numbers you see above were achieved organically. When advertising on Facebook, a little bit of money can go a long way. Seriously – a couple of dollars can help a post reach several thousand people! Considering that this event has been going on for years now, there was no need to spend the money. We’d put the posts out and thousands of people would share those posts with their friends. That’s one of the great benefits of getting to work with Brimstone from the beginning – we put in the work to get the word out and, after a few years, it has gotten considerably easier. The audience we had cultivated over the years is constantly growing – with well over 30,000 people liking Brimstone Recreation’s Facebook page!

With every passing year, our efforts with Brimstone’s events continue to bolster participation and outreach. The White Knuckle Event of 2017 was an astounding success, and we look forward to their Paragon event in the fall (September 22-24!) and more in the years to come. We can’t wait to camp, ride, cut loose and kick back with the best of ’em!