World’s Fair Beer

World’s Fair Beer – “The Beer that Made Knoxville Famous”

A while back, the world celebrated International Donut Day. We scarfed down a few in homage to the delectable fried and powdered rings before taking one for a spin around our beautiful city. But this isn’t a well-known holiday – so how do we get the word out? Flying a donut around Knoxville seemed like the best method. It wasn’t long before Harrison Collins of the local and legendary World’s Fair Beer reached out to us. He was interested in some similar and exciting drone video for their can release. It was the first time World’s Fair Beer was sold in a can in 35 years.

World's Fair Beer poster

World’s Fair Beer – The Origin Story

In 1982, the World’s Fair transformed our “scruffy little city,” Knoxville, TN, into a bustling global hub. To commemorate this special occasion, World’s Fair Beer was introduced. The brand released nine can designs and sold for six months in the great State of Tennessee. In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the ’82 World’s Fair, a group of Knoxvillians are resurrecting this redux brew to commemorate the Fair, give back to their city, and strike a chord of nostalgia in the hearts of all who partake.

-World’s Fair Beer’s website

The 1982 World’s Fair came to Knoxville, and World’s Fair Beer was ready. They sold 250,000 cases of beer during the fair – totaling nearly 6 million cans in six months.


Can it Fly? Yes, it Can.

Their budget was pretty small for this project, but we happily obliged (free beer, anyone? – consumed after drone flight, mind you). We tied a can to the drone and took it for a spin. After some video editing, we collectively blasted it on social media (2,600+ views organically in less than a month!).


After the initial video’s success, Harrison said he’s excited about doing more projects with us in the future. So stay tuned for our next episode – drone beer delivery!

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