Drone Regulations - Powered Parachute
  • What weather conditions have to be right?

    Ideal conditions for flying with a passenger are winds less than 5mph and a low density altitude (low humidity). Typically, the winds are the most unpredictable during the middle of the day which limits flight as well as thermals can also be a factor when the weather is hot. As a good rule of thumb, the best time to fly is a couple hours before sunset or right after sunrise.

  • How much does it cost?

    No cost! All I ask is that you split the gas with me which is usually between $5.00 – $10.

  • What are the flight restrictions?

    Our max altitude is 10,000ft MSL (which is freakin’ insane) though we are also limited by the airspace around us. McGhee Tyson (TYS) has a 10SM radius that is above roughly 1500ft AGL over most of the area. Over densely populated areas, we will maintain at least 500ft AGL and at all times I’ll have a clear action plan should we have an emergency.


I get a lot of requests from friends and family asking to join me in the skies! To make things easier, I’ve created this form so I have a running tally of folks you are interested in going up.

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