It doesn’t have to be scary! We work with dozens of companies to create and manage their social media content in a variety of ways. Below, we’ve shared some common social media management services we’ve been asked to handle. Our ability to adapt to your technical ability, staff and workflow mean we take a custom approach to each social media strategy campaign. Filling in the places you need us, and letting you handle whatever you have time and knowledge to handle. We will find the solution to help make your social presence a monstrous one.



    This is the meat and potatoes of any healthy social media management meal. These are the daily/weekly/monthly posts that keep your followers engaged. We’ll help brainstorm creative topics, engaging information and strategize the best way to beef up your social presence to give audiences a robust experience. Then, we deliver a four-course meal of social media excellence!


    Planting seeds in healthy soil is our forté. We’ll manage campaigns and deliver ads to audiences based on demographics you want to reach, making sure we nurture the healthy areas and help you identify barren ground. We build the ad, optimize the audience, and manage the campaign giving you weekly or monthly reports along the way. We place a huge emphasis on tracking the success of these campaigns and utilize our knowledge in website development and Google Analytics to ensure we’re tracking every click so you understand your ROI.


    Sometimes, it takes an army. Events get busy, especially for the organizers. Let our “trained soldiers” handle some of the dirty work by tackling the setup, targeted ads, Messenger responding, and on-site coverage. Social media management for events can be very involved. We adapt our services to fill the need of whatever bogs down the organizer the most so they can make sure the event is promoted the way it should be. We can be your HYPE MAN, just hand us the mic.


    Think of this as Social Media Therapy. We will listen to what’s going on, then we audit Facebook and YouTube account configurations to make sure everything is set up correctly and optimized for the best performance. A healthy social media is a good social media, and it’s easy to overlook new features, buried settings and get lost in the configurations. We will fix any pressing issues, then we’ll leave you with a report of suggestions and a practical post structure to bring more life to your social. It feels goood to feel again. Doesn’t it?


Southern Expo

Southern Expo

We’ve got another case study! Not too long ago, we sent out an email blast detailing our services (SEO, social media management, content creation, etc.). A gentleman by the name of Landon Linton reached out to us through our website’s contact form. Landon runs the Southern Expo, an event promotion company for carnival-style fairs in the

2017 White Knuckle Event

2017 White Knuckle Event

Ladies and gentlemen, we just wrapped up our coverage of Brimstone’s legendary White Knuckle Event of 2017… and DANG, was it awesome! With over 300+ miles of trails on over 20,000 acres with cabin rentals, campgrounds and SXS/ATV rentals – this place is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts. This is an event that we’ve been covering

World’s Fair Beer

World’s Fair Beer

World’s Fair Beer – “The Beer that Made Knoxville Famous” A while back, the world celebrated International Donut Day. We scarfed down a few in homage to the delectable fried and powdered rings before taking one for a spin around our beautiful city. But this isn’t a well-known holiday – so how do we get

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