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YouTube Marketing – That Was Easy!

Youtube is a home for both the inspired and the strange, a place where viral videos plant their seeds; and of course, the global archive of first steps, big fails, and cat videos. But that’s not all. Youtube is also a highly effective place to market your business, and it’s easy! You just need the tools.

As a digital marketing agency in Knoxville focused in video production, we work with both small and large clients on creative content and we’ve learned that businesses sometimes devalue how Youtube could help them. So, we’re here to tell you that it can help you and definitely should be part of your 2018 marketing plan.

First, how big is Youtube, really? (2018 Youtube specs)

  • Over 1 Billion users (one-third of internet population)
  • More than half of total Youtube views come from mobile
  • More 18-49 year olds reached on mobile alone than any cable TV network
  • One billion hours watched daily

Youtube is a massive database that entertains a diverse and vast audience. If done well, your business will see a huge increase in Google search rankings, social engagement with customers, leads, and brand exposure overall through Youtube. But how?


Local Youtube Marketing Examples:

Mike’s Golf Shop (Chattanooga, Tn):

Time spent: 40 seconds; Views: 700,000

So, you’re telling me that if I’m looking for golf clubs, this is the wrong place?

  • Mike is a character. His brand is who he is, which is one of the most important tools of Youtube. We can show our brand, our company culture, or be informational. In this case, Mike did all three.
  • The viral nature of Youtube has sprouted out of the social media integration abilities of it, making it easy to target a specific audience, especially if you are already using other social platforms (ie. boosted posts on Facebook).
  • Youtube is owned by Google so your Google Search ranking is affected by the title and keywords in the description of the video, as well. Mike’s Golf, for example, is the first organic results on Google in his area.

Let’s take a look at another example, even closer to home for us.


Crawl Space Ninja (Knoxville, Tn):

Time Spent: estimated. 1 – 2 hours; Views: 1,000+ (Some videos have over 100K views)

Crawlspace Ninja does some really great stuff on Youtube as well. As you can tell, it’s more information based than Mike’s. Goals are the same, but the path is different.

  • Both wanted to grow sales by way of brand awareness. They stuck to their own brands and used social media.
  • In this case, Crawl Space Ninja brands themselves on Youtube as a “self-help” channel with videos that will build them a returning customer base that trusts them.
  • They can continue building loyalty while finding more customers along the way by using Youtube pre-roll and SEO tactics.


These two guys are just a couple examples of how you can grow your business through Youtube. Block out a day and create some engaging content. Youtube is a huge marketing gold mine and you need to be getting your share!

Give us a call if you need help and check out our most recent work!

Big Slate Media Team

Building the Brand of Whitney Buys Houses with Video

The Backstory

Whitney Nicely is a woman on a mission. It didn’t take her long to realize there was a passion to be found in real estate, and she quickly found traction with her own endeavors. We made a bid on her wedding video a couple years ago but didn’t get it. Skip to the last few months – Whitney’s business is booming and she wanted to get even more exposure – she remembered our portfolio and knew the value of hiring professionals.

The Problem: Finding the Right Creative Touch

Whitney was in need of professional video and audio recording for the plethora of sessions she holds throughout the year. The problem was finding a creative agency that was adaptive to her tone of branding. She was holding a 3-day workshop for people from all over the U.S. – anywhere from West Virginia to California – and wanted to produce a series of videos to cover the whole thing.

Whitney’s a real estate mogul, an owner of dozens of houses in Knoxville and the surrounding area. She’s generated a large following through her podcasts and social media (mainly Facebook). Anyone from realtors looking for solid advice to people looking to get into the industry have found value in what she has to share. A little background information from her website:

Whitney Buys Houses

Video Works (and Whitney’s a Believer!)

The series we covered brought in professionals from various backgrounds ranging from pest control to private lenders. The whole idea of the program is to educate these individuals with tips and tricks for buying and selling houses.

We got a lot of great footage and covered all of the sessions, along with a video of Whitney taking her attendees on a tour of her houses and another recap video to promote the whole thing. After a few edits, she was very pleased with the work we’ve done – enough that we’ll be covering her next weekend session (W3 – Whitney’s Weekend Workshop) in Tampa, FL in March!

Big Slate Media filmed an entire weekend workshop for me. The videos are amazing. The guys were a blast… yet professional. I’ve already hired them for another event in Tampa! Thanks again!

We’ll be lining up a Facebook advertisement campaign and setting up some YouTube preroll (the ads you see before the video starts). By the way – do you know about Facebook’s recent video algorithm changes?

When You Have an Agency That Understands You, You Get the Results You Want

That’s the thing about video – even if you’re completely restructuring your company, video is the most powerful way to set the new definition. We understand brand and the things that make it unique. It’s the character you’re always building, and you want it to attract people.You’ll find that when you’re working with Big Slate Media, we communicate a lot better than other agencies can. We’re capable of adapting when plans change and you, as our client, will always know exactly what’s going on.

Video Production – Is it Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

We’re realistic about our pricing – we consider the budget and the value of what we’re producing. Since we’re a small, grassroots company, we totally get content. We know its power. We have major national and international brands in our repertoire because they know our dedication to the craft. We understand small business and we want it to thrive, because we’re doing the same thing!

Big Slate Media Team

Set the Tone with the Drone

When it comes to promoting an event, showcasing a large area or simply dazzling an audience with a landscape shot from an aerial position – the quality of video a drone can provide goes uncontested. If you’re a real estate agent trying to sell a house, a drone would be perfect to showcase the entire property. The usual photo found on a real estate site just doesn’t convey the size. It doesn’t deliver the big picture. If you’re an event planner – you can convey the vibe of your event with an aerial video. Just check the clips below for an example. With sweeping shots, awesome landscapes and seamless footage of an event, home, etc. – it’s going to draw attention, and hold it. Drone event coverage is becoming more and more popular for marketing purposes. If you’re looking for that competitive edge, you just found it.


The Blount County Partnership

Of the various events we’ve covered for the Blount County Partnership, two of our favorite drone videos came from the Tour de Blount and The Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon events. Both events involved fast-paced participants – bikers and runners – and we wanted to be able to catch all of the action with our drone. At times, the drone could barely keep up with the cyclists (its max speed is about 35mph!) but we ended up getting some awesome footage. Blount has some pretty diverse terrain, too, and we managed to capture and incorporate some unique footage that we shared with the Partnership and Vacation Races (they hosted the events).

Tour de Blount – Maryville, TN 2016

The Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon – Maryville, TN 2016

Charlotte Fair – Charlotte, NC 2017

Southern Expo hosts several fairs throughout the year. We created a short video that could showcase all of the rides and attractions, and this footage ended up in several TV commercials in Charlotte, North Carolina, Huntsville, Alabama, and Bristol, Tennessee. With a smooth flight and a view of all of the rides, people from all around could see just what these fairs were made of.


When you’ve got footage like this for your event, people tend to notice. It’s not just a video that captures a lot at once – it’s fun to watch, too! If you’d like us to share your next big event, retail listing, or anything else, just give us a call at (865) 206-7296 or fill out our Contact Us form. Producing quality videos is what we do best!

Big Slate Media Team

Video Production – Is it Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

In the world of digital marketing, it’s important to cover all of your bases – and content is king. We’re talking about blogging, social media, sharing pictures, and posting videos. A lot more goes into that list, but today we’re going to set our sights on video production and how crucial it is for your marketing endeavors. Seriously – did you know that in 2017, videos will account for almost 70% of consumer traffic online?

Videos require some extra effort, but they’re absolute gold for an audience. Think about it – it’s instant gratification. Unlike having an article that elicits the “too long, didn’t read” response, a video can be more engaging and hold an individual’s attention longer. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is dynamic. A typical video is around 24 frames per second, so you’re actually getting 1440 pictures per minute! It can deliver a lot of valuable information in a short amount of time. Videos are gaining strength in the marketing realm, too, and the social media giants know it.

video production / marketing strategy

Ask the Right Questions

Before you get started with anything, you need to make sure you’ve got a solid game plan. That means asking yourself a few questions, such as:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What kind of voice do I want to take? The tone you use should be consistent throughout your videos.
  • What is my goal – is it fostering brand awareness? Selling a product or service? Or are you trying to establish yourself as the authority figure on a certain subject?

Once you’ve got the answers to these questions, tell yourself this – keep your focus centered on the story you’re trying to tell, not making the next conversion or sale. If you’re doing a good job, these things will take care of themselves.

Keep it Short and Fun

In other words, make sure your videos don’t suck. You’ve probably seen them before – the video that catches your attention for one reason or another, but shortly into it you find yourself scrolling on, wondering why the heck you wasted those precious seconds of your life. The longer the video, the less the engagement. That’s not true for every situation, but it’s pretty close. Ideally, a video that’s anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long should do the trick.

Got a Hankering for Some Video Production?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that video production is our bread and butter. At Big Slate Media, we do what we love and we love what we do. You might have some ideas for a video bouncing around in that brain of yours. We’ve got the means to give life to the dreams. Give us a call at (865) 206-7296 and let’s talk about it.

Check out our Success Stories or our YouTube Page to see some of our work.

Big Slate Media Team

Facebook’s Video Algorithm Change – What You Need to Know

Facebook’s video algorithm change will again be affecting the news feed and how videos will appear to users. Specifically, this update is going to focus on ranking and “percent completion.”

What does that mean, exactly? Essentially, longer videos will now have a higher chance to appear in news feeds, depending on a couple of factors. It’s not so much the case for shorter videos, but we’re told the change will be slight.

Facebook's Video Algorithm Change

The social media giant is at it again. Facebook’s video algorithm change will affect longer-length videos.

How to Make Facebook’s Video Algorithm Change Work for You

This is good news for the marketing world, because sometimes we need a longer video to say what we need to say. As the Facebook Newsroom post stated, “The best length for a video is whatever length is required to tell a compelling story that engages people, which is likely to vary depending on the story you’re telling.”

So, the gates are open for you to post longer videos, but they have to be engaging to the viewer. The length of the video itself won’t help, it still has to meet a certain amount of “watch time.” In other words, a percentage of the video must be watched in order to factor in to Facebook’s new algorithm. If people watch your longer videos and stay with them, their news feed is more likely to show other videos of similar length and material. This won’t just appear in the news feed, either, but in the ‘Suggested Videos’ section of the video currently being watched.

Let Big Slate Media Handle Your Video Marketing Needs

At Big Slate Media, video production and marketing is our bread and butter. Facebook’s video algorithm change only gives us another advantage to work with, and we’d like to use that to take your business to the next level. If you’re interested in making commercial, posting a video online or getting some sweet footage with our drone, give us a call at (865) 291-0005 and we’ll set something up!

Big Slate Media Team