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megan allen

Videographer + Editor

meet megan
Megan Allen headshot
Megan Allen holding a paint brush and paint can smiling at the camera


Megan grew up between the foggy foothills of Appalachia and the soulful streets of Atlanta, Georgia. After earning a B.S. in Digital Media | Cinema Emphasis from Lee University in 2017, she moved to Knoxville to work at a small graphic design firm before returning to her alma mater to work as an in-house editor/DP.

While ostensibly a commercial videographer, Megan also enjoys working on eclectic short films, self-aware biopics, and female-driven narratives. She deeply believes in the power of storytelling and its ability to, as her hero Elle Ginter would say, “shine a spotlight on moments of historical, social change that break stereotypes and rethink assumptions about female identity.”

When she’s officially OOO (out-of-office), Megan enjoys renovating her quaint 1950s home with her fiancé, Taylor, trying out new TikTok baking recipes, and comfort-watching Gilmore Girls, West Wing, or Psych. She’s also a big fan of sad music, rainy days, and hot tea (Legend has it Megan was born a grandma, but we’ve yet to cut her open to count the rings).

Megan Allen in between Jon Friedman and Aubrey Miller holding a light diffuser
  • book-icon favorite book "To Shake The Sleeping Self" by Jedidiah Jenkins
  • smell- icon favorite smell Warm Banana Bread
  • travel- icon favorite travel destination Cambridge, England

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Megan Allen laughing with the Sunsphere in the distance
Megan Allen wearing a bright green work vest, pointing a camera and shooting in a warehouse