Building the Brand of Whitney Buys Houses with Video

The Backstory

Whitney Nicely is a woman on a mission. It didn’t take her long to realize there was a passion to be found in real estate, and she quickly found traction with her own endeavors. We made a bid on her wedding video a couple years ago but didn’t get it. Skip to the last few months – Whitney’s business is booming and she wanted to get even more exposure – she remembered our portfolio and knew the value of hiring professionals.

The Problem: Finding the Right Creative Touch

Whitney was in need of professional video and audio recording for the plethora of sessions she holds throughout the year. The problem was finding a creative agency that was adaptive to her tone of branding. She was holding a 3-day workshop for people from all over the U.S. – anywhere from West Virginia to California – and wanted to produce a series of videos to cover the whole thing.

Whitney’s a real estate mogul, an owner of dozens of houses in Knoxville and the surrounding area. She’s generated a large following through her podcasts and social media (mainly Facebook). Anyone from realtors looking for solid advice to people looking to get into the industry have found value in what she has to share. A little background information from her website:

Whitney Buys Houses

Video Works (and Whitney’s a Believer!)

The series we covered brought in professionals from various backgrounds ranging from pest control to private lenders. The whole idea of the program is to educate these individuals with tips and tricks for buying and selling houses.

We got a lot of great footage and covered all of the sessions, along with a video of Whitney taking her attendees on a tour of her houses and another recap video to promote the whole thing. After a few edits, she was very pleased with the work we’ve done – enough that we’ll be covering her next weekend session (W3 – Whitney’s Weekend Workshop) in Tampa, FL in March!

Big Slate Media filmed an entire weekend workshop for me. The videos are amazing. The guys were a blast… yet professional. I’ve already hired them for another event in Tampa! Thanks again!

We’ll be lining up a Facebook advertisement campaign and setting up some YouTube preroll (the ads you see before the video starts). By the way – do you know about Facebook’s recent video algorithm changes?

When You Have an Agency That Understands You, You Get the Results You Want

That’s the thing about video – even if you’re completely restructuring your company, video is the most powerful way to set the new definition. We understand brand and the things that make it unique. It’s the character you’re always building, and you want it to attract people.You’ll find that when you’re working with Big Slate Media, we communicate a lot better than other agencies can. We’re capable of adapting when plans change and you, as our client, will always know exactly what’s going on.

Video Production – Is it Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

We’re realistic about our pricing – we consider the budget and the value of what we’re producing. Since we’re a small, grassroots company, we totally get content. We know its power. We have major national and international brands in our repertoire because they know our dedication to the craft. We understand small business and we want it to thrive, because we’re doing the same thing!

Big Slate Media Team