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Bell: High Performance Team Culture

photography, video
Bell Helicopter


The Future of Flight.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas – as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Textron Inc., Bell has reimagined the experience of flight for more than 85 years. The global team works to deliver exceptional aircraft experiences – efficiently, reliably, and, above all, safely. Bell is committed to ensuring clients’ aircraft meets their mission-specific requirements. Its Piney Flats, Tennessee service center specializes in customization, repair and overhaul, and maintenance.

Well, Piney Flats is just down the road from us…giving us the chance to regularly work with this incredible brand.

high performance team culture

Bell leadership is dedicated to fostering a positive and effective internal team culture. In order to facilitate a solid work environment, the Piney Flats facility implemented “High Performance Team Culture” pillars to guide the entire team including messages like “own our result,” “be positive” and “help others grow.” They wanted to reinforce those messages internally in a subtle, organic and positive way.

We helped them develop a series of videos to present each of the seven HPTC beliefs formatted as “60-Minutes” style interviews with  Piney Flats employees that exemplify each pillar led by General Manager David Galik. Not only did this present the main points associated with the desired beliefs, we were able to showcase deeper insight into various department functions and how they were already implementing the seven elements on a daily basis.

take off and landing

Our crew spent two days at the Piney Flats location in order to capture the seven interviews and photography of each staff member for the internal communications team to utilize on posters. The socially-distant (COVID times) interview set-up was meant to feel casual, with an opening wide shot of the set and production equipment as David and the interviewee greeted each other with a pandemic-friendly fist bump and settled in. Held in the location’s main hangar with a large Bell flag in the backdrop, the set-up reinforced the Bell brand while also allowing for a casual conversation.

Bell Leadership was thrilled with the finished products and were able to immediately incorporate the videos and photos into internal communication channels to reinforce the High Performance Team Culture messaging.