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Video Production

We’re a full-service video production house creating content for digital, broadcast, events, and more. It’s no secret that solid marketing strategy today requires video… and a lot of it. We know that. You know that. And that’s probably why you’ve stumbled on this page.

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so, you need video.

Look, we spent a weird amount of time trying to construct a really profound and inspiring paragraph to convince you of a bunch of reasons we’re special, but there’s really one word that encapsulates our unique video production strategy – partnership. We’ve got top-notch gear, a highly-skilled team, and great ideas. But our clients (and you will too) think of us as the much-needed extra arm in their marketing department.

Jonathan Shooting video of a Helicopter at Bell Helicopter

website content

When a potential customer visits your website, engaging them quickly is a must. Whether it’s a header video, company profile, or FAQs, engaging video content is one of the best ways to keep a customer or lead perusing your products or services. Our amazing team can produce highly professional and optimized content for your website that will seamlessly match your brand.

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We’re the TV nerds that still watch re-runs on our lunch breaks, so we’ve seen the best of the best and worst of the worst when it comes to commercials. We believe wholeheartedly that a great commercial can be made without breaking the bank, so we offer high quality without the huge cost. The old days are gone, and we’re here to shake things up – especially in this golden age of streaming services.

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Behind the scenes of an interview for Southeast bank

youtube & series

We’ve all gone down the YouTube rabbit hole spending hours on the platform (probably watching Vine compilations or something). We can help you produce optimized content that will keep people on your channel and watching your videos longer. Whether you want to build your channel with branded or authoritative content or want to develop a full-scale web series, we can make it happen. Oh, we can also help you place some skip-stopping ads for YouTube as well, if that’s more your jam.

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Jess Gutman on set holding an iphone taking a photo

social media

Video is no longer the cutting-edge content it used to be on social media… as shocking as that sounds. That’s because it is now an absolutely essential ingredient in your marketing mix. And you can’t just make one video and expect it to work across all channels. Today, you need a 15-second story, a 45-second Tik Tok, a 16:9 IGTV episode… all on top of the regular cut for feeds! Sound like a lot? We’re knowledgeable about the latest requirements and trends across all major social media platforms, so let us help ya out.

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live/virtual events

With years of both event planning and event production experience on our crew, we are well aware of how stressful they can be and the importance of utilizing engaging event video content. So, let us handle that piece. We can and have done live-stream production, full-scale coverage (recap, promos, interviews), and live or virtual event capture (where we film the entire event and produce a sellable/deliverable product). But fear not, we’re up for any challenge. Video is an essential tool to bring energy to an event, and that’s really where we shine. We’ll make your next event get as much hype as the Fyre Festival (before it turned out to be an absolute $#it show).

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