THE HARD FACTS – Good marketing strategy today requires video. We know that. You know that. Welcome to our video production page… Look, we spent a weird amount of time trying to construct a really profound and inspiring paragraph to convince you of a bunch of reasons that we’re special, but there’s really one word that encapsulates our unique video production strategy – partnership. We’ve got top-notch gear, a highly-skilled team, and great ideas. But our clients, and you will too, think of us as the much-needed extra arm in their marketing department. It’s more than a video, it’s a partner. So, partner with us and extend your reach.

Photo of Jonathan on set working a camera
Photo of the Big Slate Media team shooting a video at Brimstone Paragon
Photo of Big Slate Media team interviewing woman by a pool in Miami
Photo of camera shooting part of a commercial
Photo of Lucas with camera at Brimstone Paragon event
Photo of Big Slate Media team on a commercial shoot
photo of Jonathan directing on a commercial shoot
photo of Big Slate Media team interviewing a subject in an office building
picture of Big Slate Media team on street for a commerical shoot
picture of in-studio interview
Photo of man reading off of a teleprompter in studio

    When a potential customer visits your website, engaging them quickly is a must. Whether it’s a header video, company profile, or FAQs, engaging video content is one of the best ways to keep a customer or lead perusing your products. Our amazing team will produce highly professional and optimized content for your website that will seamlessly match your brand.

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    We are TV nerds that still watch reruns of “Friends” in the office so we have seen the best of the best and worst of the worst when it comes to commercials. Here at Big Slate Media, we believe wholeheartedly that a quality commercial can be made without breaking the bank, so we offer great quality without the huge cost. The old days are gone, and we are here to shake things up.

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    PreRoll, Web Series, and Viral – OH MY! Like the Wonderful World of Oz, Youtube is a land of opportunity, and we can be your new friends that help you get there, but with fewer witches than in the movie… hopefully. Anyway, we produce viral content, web series, and authoritative content that will engage users and develop a loyal following. We also love advertising on Youtube, with In-Stream, Discovery Ads, Banners, you name it. Youtube is one the fastest growing areas you can build a brand presence and drive conversions, no matter what your goals are. The opportunity is endless, and we believe there is a place for every business on Youtube.

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    A strong social media presence is similar to a well-rounded diet. If you want to eat right, there are certain things you cannot ignore, like vegetables. Consider high-quality video content the veggies of your audience’s content cravings. It’s necessary. It may seem like a lot of work to produce some good social video content, but you would be amazed at what we can accomplish in a day. So, we’ll produce multi-platform content that is relevant and unique to your specific audience and we’ll make sure you are serving it in the right places. Vitamin A+

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    Events come in all shapes and sizes. With years of both event planning and event production experience on our staff, we are well aware of how stressful they can be and the importance of using video at those events. So, let us handle that piece. We can and have done live-stream production, full-scale coverage (recap, promos, interviews), and event capture, where we film the entire event and produce and sellable/deliverable product. But fear not, we are up for any challenge. We have found that video is a wonderful tool to bring energy to an event, and we know how to do that. Some have even called us the Picasso’s of event video production!

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