Here at Big Slate Media, we believe in the immense power of collaboration and how it can yield the coolest, most creative projects. For years we’ve dreamed of creating a space for our clients, partner agencies and local creators to make awesome content with us, and we’re so excited for that dream to become a reality with our creator studio near Downtown Knoxville.

Our in-house cyclorama studio offers a prime, controlled location for on-camera interviews/testimonials, personal/commercial photography and a consistent look for regular content creators. We can manage every aspect of production and direction, or we can set up the lights, cameras, and teleprompter and you hit record! Here’s some stuff we love shooting in studio.

A white Maserati in the Big Slate Media studio
A white Maserati in the Big Slate Media studio
A white Maserati in the Big Slate Media studio
A white Maserati in the Big Slate Media studio
Photo of studio with lighting and camera set up

A cyclorama (cyc) wall is a curved wall used as a set background to suggest unlimited space. All corners of a cyc studio or seamless, which makes it nearly impossible to tell where the floor ends and the wall begins. This also means you can’t tell if the wall is two feet or 200 feet behind the subject – it’s insane! A cyc studio really allows for creativity when it comes to lighting, while allowing the main subject to remain the primary focus of the shot.

We have a slew of high end LED lighting (bi-color) and tungston lighting available. Accessories include space lights, large diffusors, bounceboards and any other grip tools you might need. We also have plenty of RGB and effects lighting to accomodate even the most creative ideas! Our light grid is easily accessable by a motorized wench so we can add to, move, swap, remove just about anything.

Then let’s paint it! We can paint the wall ahead of time to any color you’d like… for a small fee 🙂 But really though, we charge $75 + materials for any color changes to the cyc. RGB lights also do a great job at changing the background color but “spill” can be an issue if you’re shooting a large subject or it’s placed too close to the wall.

This is not a “sound studio”, so there is no sound proofing. Aside from the occasional train or downpouring rain, the studio remains very quiet and provides an excellent space to get quality audio. We highly recommend using a boom and lav combo for interviews to minimize the risk of rogue sounds.

Big Slate Media Team