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a studio that doesn't suck

knoxville studio rental

Our in-house cyclorama studio near downtown Knoxville offers a prime, controlled location for on-camera interviews/testimonials, personal/commercial photography and a consistent look for regular content creators. We can manage every aspect of production and direction, or we can set up the lights, cameras, and teleprompter and you hit record!

specs & details

Big Slate Media studio

The cyc is 24′ x 16′ with a motorized light grid running 2 circuits across 24 outlets suspended 12.5′ above. We do not claim to be a sound stage – meaning you can hear occasional noise from a train or really loud road noise. That being said, we shoot a ton of interviews in here. There is garage door access for large item load in/out and parking available on-site in a gated lot. Available for renters is a bathroom, green room/conference room and a kitchen with a sink, fridge and microwave. Our studio is available for rentals any day of the week. For questions regarding rates and availability, please contact us!