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Drone Videography

The sky's the limit? Try again...
We aren't your average drone pilots. Our projects lead us to doing some unique aerial operations all in the hopes of delivering a shot like no other.
Michael Hutcheon flying a drone at Bell Helicopter's facility in Piney Flats, Tennessee

professional aerial photography & video

Funny enough, we actually got our start as an aerial film and photography company in what some would call the “wild west” days of drone operations. Today, we have a team of Part 107 Licensed UAV Remote Pilot Operators with years of experience ready to tackle the most challenging of operating conditions. Word has gotten out, and today we’re one of the go-to UAV teams for brands, production crews and organizations across the U.S.

It may sound like we’re bragging… because we are. You need to know that your drone operators know what they’re doing. When the wind isn’t favorable, when the battery is draining quick, when the drone flies off for no reason – it’s important you’re working with someone who knows how to handle those situations. So, yes, while we have insurance for the worst-case scenario, more importantly we have the experience to make sure you not only get the most beautiful drone footage of your life, but that it returns to the ground safely so we can get to that SD card.

dji inspire 2 controller

let's get high...

We’re ready to jump in whether you just need a few quick shots or you’re looking to push the limits of what you can capture. Jonathan, Michael, Bryce and Carrie all hold their UAV Licenses. Jonathan even has his Sport Pilot’s License, giving him an entirely unique perspective to the hobby and sport.

our gear

drones in fleet

DJI Inspire 2 x5

DJI Mavic 3 Cine

DJI Mavic Pro

Custom FPV Cinewhoop

technical settings

  • 20.8MP Still Images
  • 5.2K at 30 fps / 4K at 60 fps
  • 1080p LIVE transmission for streaming
  • Log color profile options
  • Remote monitoring

DJI inspire 2 PRO v2 x5

Top Speed of 55mph
18 min. flight times
16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm F2.8 interchangeable prime lenses

The workhorse of our fleet. By far, this is the highest quality RTF aerial cinematography package on the market today. The Inspire 2 is our go-to for shots that typically require a crane or jib, leaving us more time to capture more footage that ever before.



Speeds of 80mph+
274g weight
4-5min flight times
GoPro mount

In an effort to offer our clients the most unique and cutting-edge technology, we’ve jumped all in on FPV. These tiny rockets allow us to capture shots that few pilots can due to their speed, agility and small-form factor. Make no mistake, it’s not easy to fly, but our team is continually pushing the limits of what is possible. For that aerial shot that brings intensity/speed and a look unlike anything else, we’ve got it covered.