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Childhelp of East Tennessee

tv/broadcast, video
child holding parent's hand


Changing the lives of many

We have a great time working with the incredible team at Ackermann Marketing & PR. They partner with us in providing video production services to their client base based on their strategic marketing campaigns. Childhelp of East Tennessee was one of those clients in need of some impactful video. 

Childhelp is an organization that strives to treat and prevent child abuse locally and nationally through a variety of services. They partner with foster parents and abused children to advocate, support and encourage for good. We were honored and excited to be a part of such an amazing cause.

love is all you need

The project consisted of two 30-second PSAs to be aired in East Tennessee; the goal being to educate the area community on what it takes to be a foster parents. Ackermann brought us some ideas to storyboard having Childhelp’s key brand messaging at the forefront – “Love is all you need”. This messaging is centered around the idea that foster parenting, or parenting in general, doesn’t take a well-prepared or skilled individual, just someone who is willing to love.

With an opportunity to really utilize storytelling, our pre-production process led us to two different narratives that would hopefully drive home the brand message that love is really all you need. It was easy to think of all of the sad or heart wrenching paths we could take with this project. After all, child abuse is an intense and terrible thing. Instead, we wanted to focus on the joy and simple moments of bliss parents often have while raising a child. We wanted the stories to be more lighthearted and connect with viewers on a positive note.

the finished products

Community organizations and nonprofits are some of our favorite projects because of the impactful stories they hold by nature. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of raising awareness about the challenges of this world and ultimately, helping solve them. We’re extremely grateful to Childhelp and Ackermann Marketing & PR for bringing us on board for this project. 

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