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McNabb Center 2019 Spirit Awards

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Mcnabb Center

Since 2018 the McNabb Center has been a proud partnership and teammate of ours. It’s an honor to help them share their stories and honor those that serve their organization and our community so well. At the beginning of 2019, they approached us with a couple of projects to continue that partnership and we were so excited to work with them again.

crisis services

The project was a video for the 2019 Spirit Awards. This annual black-tie event exists to honor those who have supported the efforts of the McNabb Center and have worked selflessly to improve their community. Freakin’ amazing, right? Additionally, this event is a perfect medium to showcase one of their many service groups to the public in an effort to raise awareness and encouraging donations. 

The goal this year was to inform people about Crisis Services at the McNabb Center which offers a Mobile Crisis Unit, a Crisis Stabilization Unit, a Medically Monitored Crisis Detoxification, Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center, Domestic Violence Crisis Services and Sexual Assault Crisis Services. As you can tell, this offering is broad and impactful leaving us with the challenge of telling the complete story in only four minutes. Additionally, we thought it was important to share a relatable client story which painted an emotionally connected picture of what the center does for individuals and families.

sharing renee's story

When approaching the creative for a project like this, we had to keep the purpose and delivery of the final product in mind. Our strategy was to talk about the service through those involved on the frontlines and use a client story to draw the audience into the emotion and reality of issues being treated. Filming with Renee, our client story, was such a gift for us. It’s not often that we get to hear someone tell their story of heartbreak and redemption with such raw emotion on camera. We were thankful to be the ones to tell her story. Using B-roll, interview clips and graphics, we felt that the client story greatly enhanced the delivery of the message, and we hope the audience was able to feel some of the emotional impact we felt in-studio that day. Thank you, Renee, and thank you, Helen Ross McNabb, for making this video amazing.

If telling a story similar to this would help your company, or you are curious if it would, please feel free to contact us at We would love the opportunity to be a part of your team and your story.

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