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The Knoxville Chamber

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A catalyst for growth

One thing you need to know about Big Slate Media is that we love Knoxville, and we love helping our community grow. That’s why, one of the partnerships we are especially proud of is with the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. The Knoxville Chamber is a catalyst for growth, both in Knoxville and our region. We consider it an enormous honor to generate content for an organization that keeps Knoxville innovating and growing.

the project

In addition to covering some of their large scale events in 2018, we were tasked with creating a web-based overview video for them to use in various marketing efforts. The intended audience are those interested in joining the Chamber, wanting to know more about the programs offered, as well as companies interested in moving here.

This was a long-term project that incorporated many interviews with Chamber employees and Chamber members, as well as a plethora of b-roll shots around Knoxville and wide-scale drone b-roll featuring the beauty of the region.

In total, the production included around 20 different people being interviewed, so yeah… it took a while. We needed to include details of the programs offered through the Chamber and members’ stories of the support system the Chamber offers. We had a three to five minute window for the final product.

The Chamber does A LOT, and conveying it all in one video would be difficult. We knew we would have to come up with a creative solution to tell the Chamber’s story.

From a production standpoint, we already had most of the b-roll shots we needed in our archives, so aside from that, we just had about three to four total days of production that we had to coordinate.

creative solution

Based on all the interviews we conducted, it was clear that talking points were split up into four main groups: networking opportunities, the Propel Program, existing industries, and why members loved Knoxville. Naturally, we broke the video down in that way. Each section was roughly a minute, then we pieced together a 45-second intro on the front end, and left enough room to wrap things up with a logo animation.

The creative solution we settled on in the “war room” was to break up the initial five-minute video into those “chunks.” These chunks would be the one-minute sections already present in the video, and they were short enough, once we cut them, to be stand-alone social pieces – ie. networking, Propel, Existing Industry, and Why Knox. Then, we would also cut some short graphic videos to be used on Instagram.

At the end of the project, in addition to delivering the five-minute overview video for web, we provided four one-minute info chunks for social and web use, two short graphic videos with statistics for social, and two infographic stills for social. This gave the Chamber the option of delivering more content to their audience and being more creative in that delivery. They can also deliver it over a longer period of time.

We have a pretty simple policy about the way we treat clients: overdeliver. That sounds cliché, but it’s true. On shoots, we overshoot. In preproduction, we want to be extra tedious. With deliverables, we hope you feel like you are getting more than you asked for because we look at every client as a partner; a team. And who doesn’t want a teammate that hustles? We love helping businesses grow and we want to be your teammate, so we can help you thrive!

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