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Knoxville Utilities Board

social media, tv/broadcast, video
Knoxville Utilities Board Employee


They're more than pipes and wires.

If you live in the Knoxville area and have the ability to go home every day, turn on your lights, flush your toilets and cook on your gas stove, you probably have the Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) to thank.

As an independent agency of the City of Knoxville, KUB provides electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services to more than 464,000 customers in Knoxville and parts of seven surrounding counties. However, their mission is about more than pipes and wires. It’s about being good stewards of the environment and the communities’ resources and safeguarding those resources for generations to come. 

Yeah, they do A LOT, and KUB’s communications team wanted to share everything they do with the community in the most effective way possible… through some awesome videos. They needed a partner – a pal – to help them out. 

After an initial RFP process and informational meeting, we were lucky enough to be selected as their video production partner – and woah, what a match we are! We work closely with the team to talk about their goals, brainstorm video topics and build a video content archive for KUB. Not to mention, we just have a great time being around Jay and Cortney, who lead their video projects. 

showcasing services

The goal of our first three videos was to educate the public about some of KUB’s primary services and what their processes entail. We decided to tackle some major services that are extremely relevant to the everyday lives of their customers – storm restoration, water quality and natural gas.

The videos were shared across KUB’s social media channels; and not only did they effectively  communicate what the organization does to the public, the water quality video received national recognition from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies! It was awarded the 2020 National Environmental Achievement Award in the Public Information & Education: Video Category.

quick, catchy content

In addition to the initial service-centric videos, we also continually help KUB communicate specialty programs and initiatives through quick social media videos and television commercials.

For example, KUB wanted to promote its Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Program to its customers in a concise, engaging way. We created a video to explain the steps of the program, while also showing KUB’s mission of fostering sustainability.

We also produced a catchy video with animated text detailing tips for energy efficiency in homes. This is a much more engaging way to share that information than through a traditional list found on their website.


So, what’s next for KUB’s video content archive? The sky’s the limit with their numerous offerings and countless stories to tell. We are already planning several videos that will debut in the coming months, and we can’t wait to show you!

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