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Mountain Glass, LLC

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Aren’t partner referrals the best?

Over a year ago, one of our awesome partners connected us with Mountain Glass who was looking for some help in increasing their sales leads. What’s the best way to do that while being completely in control of your own budget and target audience?

Google Ads. We set them up with a new and improved Google Ads campaign that quickly grew their sales. Business has been booming ever since!

a little about the brand

Mountain Glass, LLC has been repairing glass in Knoxville and the mountains of East Tennessee for years. They install and replace custom fixed windows commonly used in cabins and chalets, with expertise in custom A-frame and cabin windows. They also replace all styles of glass windows and doors for residential and commercial customers, including stores, restaurants, churches, residential homes and historic buildings.

So, they do a lot. With such a wide range of services, tackling a marketing strategy that encompasses them all could be challenging, and they wanted to increase sales leads in all areas.

how did we tackle this?

We set up a Google Ads Search Campaign to directly target high-potential customers right when they’re searching for related services on the Google Search Network. We broke up this campaign into different ad groups based on the various services Mountain Glass provides, totaling nearly 40 different text ads.

Since August 2017, Mountain Glass has received 1,300 clicks on its Google Search ads and over 170 conversions. Through frequent audits of their Google Ads account, we’ve optimized their ads to get between 10-16 conversions per month. (We’ve even gotten calls from them that they’re SLAMMED, but we’re not slowing down!) We’ll keep evaluating the campaign performance based on a variety of metrics to continually tweak its components and help make Mountain Glass’ advertising budget go as far as possible.

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