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She Buys It LIVE!

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Photo of Whitney Nicley


Get to know Whitney

If you’ve been around us at all for the past couple years, you’ve probably heard us mention this crazy, awesome woman that teaches real estate investing.

Yep, that’s the one! Whitney Nicely is a total BOSS who teaches women how to create passive income through real estate investing. She leads a number of programs online and at various live events throughout the U.S. We’ve travelled the nation (from Miami to Napa and everywhere in between!) capturing these events, but the most recent one was actually right in our backyard.

She Buys It LIVE was a three-day, not-so-stuffy conference hosted in early November at the Mill & Mine in downtown Knoxville, and we had the chance to create some great video content for all aspects of the event.


We absolutely love hyping people up for a good time. Having been at SBI LIVE the previous year, we knew we had some awesome footage to create a promo video for this year’s event. Whitney’s team utilized this video on her website, YouTube and social media channels to increase awareness of the event and, most importantly, sell tickets.

during the event

She Buys It LIVE was all-hands-on-deck for the Big Slate team. For three days, we produced the event (managing presentations, audio, lights, etc.), live switched a two-camera set-up, gathered b-roll and testimonials, recorded interviews with speakers, and edited content on site like a WELL. OILED. MACHINE. Here’s what we accomplished:

Each session was recorded and will be offered to attendees as a value-added for their tickets. Whitney is also able to provide this educational content to others who sign up for her future programs.

We also set up a room strictly dedicated to collecting testimonials throughout the entire event. The women discussed Whitney’s programs and the event to encourage others to register in the future. The She Buys It team will be able to use these videos on various platforms for years to come.

Additionally, we created daily recap videos on site utilizing b-roll and testimonial footage to close each day and keep the excitement going for the remainder of the event!

When it was all said and done – and the giant, inflatable pink flamingos had been packed up – we had to create some serious FOMO and encourage people to register now for next year’s event. Our team created a recap video of the entire event with all the incredible footage we were able to capture. This video will also be utilized as a promotional video leading up to the next She Buys It LIVE.

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