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aubrey miller

Associate Producer + Content Specialist

meet aubrey


After serving the BSM team as a production + digital intern, Aubrey now serves as an associate producer + content specialist! Having received her B.S. in Business Administration, she’s great at managing all the little details, making her an invaluable addition to our pre-production and data management processes. Additionally, Aubrey is an incredible copywriter and graphic designer and assists our digital marketing in content creation and strategy. She’s passionate¬†about social media and helping brands develop their own unique personality and content.

Aubrey was born and raised in Colorado and moved to Tennessee to attend UTK. Turns out, she likes it here and has decided to stick around a while (we’re thankful for that)! Outside of work, you can find Aubrey painting, roller skating and taking too many pictures of her cat, Frankie.

Aubrey Miller on set outdoors, holding a video transmitter up to a horse
  • drink-icon favorite drink Moscow Mule
  • smell- icon favorite smell Christmas Trees
  • food-icon favorite restaurant Anywhere with street tacos

aubrey's playlist

Aubrey Miller looks off camera with her hands on her hips and she is smiling
Aubrey Miller on set with Neyland Bright at Summer on Broadway in Maryville, TN.
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