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Prepare to be amazed! Our animators can bring stagnant graphics, text and logos to life with a single swoop of their cursors. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT easy… But, their animations seems so effortless by how easily they work their creative magic.

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bring your content to life

Engaging animation and motion graphics are great ways to spice up your video content game and stand out from the crowd. Through captivating movement, our animators can give you the creative edge in sharing your stories, promotions, or discussion topics in new ways.

gif of a dog's face

character animation

Does your brand have an icon or mascot that could use some movement? Do you want to bring a living element into your graphics? Our animation team has extensive experience in developing concepts, storyboarding, and animating characters to help brands connect with their audience and tell stories through animated videos.


Are you a subject matter expert or industry thought leader with knowledge to share? Animated presentations are an engaging way to present complex topics in an easy-to-digest format to your target audience. Whether you need a presentation for a virtual event or just need it to live on your YouTube channel or website, we can partner with you to create something compelling and interactive.


Numbers are boring, okay? (There. We said it.) Let us help you share your data or information in a more compelling way. We can turn a traditional infographic or data sheet into an animated work of art. Not only will it be more fun to look at, your audience is more likely to retain the info.

gif of a big slate media logo animation

logo animation

Your logo is the foundation of your brand. We can help bring it to life and showcase your brand’s personality through motion. Logo animations can be used to enhance existing content and serve as a bookend on any company video.