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jon friedman

Videographer + Editor

meet jon
Jon Friedman Headshot
Jon Friedman Chugging an energy Drink


Jon came to us originally from St. Louis by way of Nashville where he spent several years working on sets with Capitol Records, Universal Music Group as well as various ad agencies. He brings creativity and an eye for detail to every project fulfilling multiple roles as Director of Photography, Grip/Gaffer and Photographer. You can either find Jon at his desk working on his latest edit, in the break room chugging energy drinks (beer?), or on set tinkering with the latest tech.

In his free time, Jon enjoys playing tug of war with his dog (she wins most of the time), watching TV with his wife, making music, and (sometimes) working out.

Jon Friedman shooting video at Bell Helicopter
  • smell- icon favorite smell fireworks
  • drink-icon drink of choice maker's on the rocks
  • food-icon favorite restaurant imo's pizza

jon's playlist

Jon Friedman shooting on a gimbal on set at Vintage Outfitting for Southeast Bank
Jon Friedman shooting video at Bell Helicopter
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